Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Le Cinema Part1

Just a few random thoughts on my obsession with movies and the movie industry.

Statistically, in 1958, Hollywood turned out 2,000 films which listed in their credits 230 producers, while in 2003 Hollywood produced 240 films with 1,200 producers listed.

Writers want to say what's never been said. Executives want what they've already heard. The majority of produced screenplays are the genetically impaired results of crossbreeding of those two species.

All movie trailers are lies. The motivation to hook you and get you to see the movie is much more important than telling you what the movie is about. The more quirky or character driven the movie is, the bigger the lie. In this case the marketing department has to extract the lowest common denominator and mould it into mouth watering chocolate no matter what the ingredients of the movie are.

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