Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Life

Things that make me uncomfortable or a little sad inside:

1) When someone initiates one of those five move hand shakes and I never know the choreography.

2) Walking into Barns and Noble I often mistakenly take the greeter person for a regular (non-greeter) person. As I come through the doors I hear a genuine hello. I turn and stop in front of them and say----Hi (Pause. Wait for my memory to pull up a name for this unknown face). This is when it hits me. The goodbye is so awkward at this point I'm sure Security is notified.

3) Having the EXACT same small talk conversation over and over and over with the waitress at the diner I frequent because there's no motivation to take it to the next level.

4) When Christian posts in his blog that he got into nine more film festivals, followed by a photograph of a rainbow.

5) People that do not make eye contact.

6) The ten billionth time my parents on the east coast say----You're still working? What time is it there? They then tell me the eastern standard time.

7) The piano playing of Bill Evans makes me sad inside but in the best and most beautiful way.


Melissa Cole Smith said...

I seem to enjoy boys or MEN that are articulate and witty, and observant in the most peculiar ways...and then I hold on to them forever, like little pet rocks that can make me happy with wit and banter, like the rodeo clown that takes the horn of the bull to save the rider...uh....what?! was that a sentence?

Christian Remde said...

Did I mention that I got into another festival? The VisionFest Film Festival here in NYC...

i b
a o
r w

fucker...let's have some brunch...

Christian Remde said...

oh shit, my rainbow got all fucked up...fuck